Overnight Dentistry

The philosophy of the dental practice, which has been operating since 2010 in the treatment of patients, is to provide services that cover the full spectrum of dental science at the highest possible level. In the well-organized practice area we design and deliver the most appropriate and personalized treatments to restore and maintain oral function and aesthetics.

The work performed in the dental office is all classical therapeutic work, prosthetic dental implant, oral surgery, whitening and cosmetic dentistry applications. Patient service daily until 3am and immediate emergency dental treatment because there is no worse feeling than severe dental pain if you have to wait until you are examined!

The SOS Dental Office takes care of emergency and urgent dental incidents (acute tooth pain, polyphytosis, tooth fractures, abscesses, jaw dislocations, vomiting, etc.). cover the “empty hours” of service available in the field of dentistry and emergency medicine.

House call Servises

We provide Home Services in the patient’s home environment without the need to move, using modern devices such as Laser KAVO, for dental operations such as tooth extraction, whole or partial dentures, denture repair, and more.

ΣΦΡΑΓΓΙΣΜΑΤΑ odontiatros-sos.gr Βουλγαρόπουλος

There is free parking so you don't waste time.

Easy and convenient access for people with special needs.

in the patient's familiar environment.


The Medical Center is within easy reach, and is close to the bus stop


- Modern constructions -

ΕΞΕΤΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΚΑΡΕΚΛΑ odontiatros-sos.gr Βουλγαρόπουλος

Modern constructions combine functional and patient-friendly spaces at the same time. The major issue remains to ensure the smooth operation of dental work, but in an environment that is inspiring and good for all in attendance.

The willingness to work and provide good medical care on the part of the physician, and the creation of a positive mood on the part of the visitors to the clinic, is the key on which we build long-term relationships.

Our patients say about US

  • I am suffering from chronic psoriasis. After a friend recommendation, I have been followed by Dr. Traianou for the last 6 months. The scars have decreased significantly and we continue!

    Manolis H.
  • The doctor showed real interest in my case! Also I am very pleased with the results!

    Athina K.
  • Thanks to Ms. Athena's targeted treatments and experience, the acne scars have disappeared and I feel like a different person, thank you very much!
    Maria E.